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Terms & Conditions

Clark and Son Inc Return Policy

A request for the return of unwanted / unneeded products must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase.  The product must be unopened and returned in the condition it was received.  Proper packaging must be used to return the product.  The dealer is responsible for the return shipping of the product.  Once received in good condition the price of the product less a 20% restocking fee will be credited to the dealers account.  Refunds will not be issued.  Credits will not be issued for the initial shipping charges or any other charges that may have been associated with the original invoice (rush fees, skid charges). 

Please be aware that in the event damage occurs in the return shipping it may be required that the dealer file a shipping claim in order to recover costs.  We will assist you in any way possible in doing this.  If the package is received damaged it will be noted immediately with the carrier and the dealer will be notified so that a claim can be made to recover the cost.  Clark and Son will issue no credit.

In order to initiate a return merchandise request you may either follow the directions for completing one online or email [email protected].  They will issue you an RMA form.  This RMA form must be completed and returned to a Clark and Son representative.  Once this is done an RMA number will be returned.  This number should be written on the outside of the packaging and a copy of the RMA form included on the return package.  Failure to do this will result in credit not being issued. Upon receipt and inspection of the returned item, credit will be issued within 7 days. 

Any order that is returned to our warehouse for any reason after being shipped (cancelled in transit, refused at delivery) will be subject to the 20% restocking fee. 

This policy is subject to change without notice at anytime.

Last revision 4.18.2012

Return Check Policy

Clark and Son Inc. will charge a $65.00 returned check fee for all returned checks.  Any returned checks must be paid in full before additional shipments will be processed.  We reserve the right to discontinue accepting checks from any company with multiple returned checks.

Last revision 4.18.2012

Credit Accounts

Clark and Son Inc. will no longer be accepting new credit accounts at this time.  All new accounts will be on a prepay status.  We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and checks.

Last revision 4.18.2012

Overdue Accounts

Accounts that exceed the 30-day payment period will be placed on hold immediately.  No orders will be processed until the account is brought current.

We reserve the right to move any account that exceeds the 30-day payment period to prepay status.

Last revision 4.18.2012

Taxes and Exemptions

Tax is not charged to any dealer outside of Ohio.  Dealers in Ohio must provide a resale certificate to be exempt from tax.  Resale certificates can be faxed to (330) 866-9290.

Last revision 4.18.2012

Clark and Son Inc Damage Claim Policy

Freight damage must be claimed with the freight company.  We did not damage it, the freight company did.  We will assist with filing these claims in any way possible.  For those of you not familiar with our skid warning sheets, every skid that leaves the warehouse has a sheet on it that states the following: “IF THE GREEN BANDING IS BROKEN, PLASTIC WRAP IS TORN OR MISSING,  OR THE “DO NOT STACK” CONE IS DAMAGED OR MISSING --PLEASE INSPECT YOUR SHIPMENT.  NOTE ANY MISSING PIECES OR DAMAGES ON THE BILL OF LADING BEFORE SIGNING! PLEASE LOOK UNDER THE CARDBOARD ON THE BOTTOM BEFORE DISCARDING.  STAINED PLYWOOD, ISLAND PANELS, & REFRIGERATOR PANELS ARE LOCATED HERE!”  In the event the skid shows up in less than perfect condition this should be notated on the BOL and pictures taken.   This will allow a claim to be filed with the shipping company.  If this is not done and the claim cannot be filed – Clark and Son WILL NOT be responsible for any replacements associated with the freight damage.  Small parcel packages with evident damage to them must also have a claim filed.  Pictures should be taken of the package prior to unwrapping if there is visible damage to the shipment.  ALL PACKAGING AND DAMAGED PIECES must be kept and not moved from the delivery location until inspected by a claims agent.  The shipping agent may request that this material and damaged items be returned to them for the claim to be paid.  Please note that we do not ship any item weighing over 80lbs by small parcel services – they must ship by freight carrier.  If you elect to have an item over this weight shipped by small parcel service Clark and Son will not be responsible for damages. 

At our option, we will elect to replace either the defective/damaged part(s) or the entire cabinet. Return of the defective/damaged part(s) may be required. A return label or instructions for receiving a BOL will be included with the replacement part(s).  It is the responsibility of the customer to get the product to the appropriate shipping agent once the return labels are received.  Replacement part orders are viewed as a new purchase until the returns are received.  This means that you will be billed for the cabinet (even if we are only sending parts you are billed for the entire cabinet as we had to destroy a cabinet to send the part) and the shipping. A copy of the packing list should be sent back with the parts being returned.  This will ensure accurate credit being applied to your account.  Upon return of ALL the defective parts a credit will be issued to your account. Once the replacement order is over 30 days, you are responsible for the charges and a refund is no longer available.

Return labels and BOLs are to be used to return the replacement products covered in the RGA form.  If any other unauthorized product is returned using these labels, you will be responsible for the shipping charges.

Visible damage and / or shortage claims MUST BE MADE DURING DELIVERY – BEFORE THE CARRIER REPRESENTATIVE LEAVES.  Any claims should be written on the Bill Of Lading at the time of delivery. Clark and Son Inc. should then be immediately notified (within 24 hours) by email to [email protected].  The freight tracking number (AKA Pro Number), the date of delivery, the name of the freight company, the list of damages / shortages, and pictures of the shipment as received should be reported in this email. No claims will be allowed without the proper paperwork signed by the buyer and the shipping agent.  Do not throw away any of the damaged pieces or packaging material until notified by Clark and Son Inc. Further instructions will be sent back by email within 1 business day of receipt of this email. 

 Concealed damage claims must be made within 1 month (30 days) of product delivery. This includes, but is not limited to, dents, scratches, broken glass. All boxes should be opened within these 30 days. Claims should be emailed to [email protected] The freight tracking number (AKA Pro Number), the date of delivery, the name of the freight company, the list of concealed damages, and pictures of the damaged product should be reported in this email. Do not discard any of the damaged pieces or any of the packaging. Further instructions will be sent back by email within 1 business day of receipt of this email. 

 Replacement pieces are shipped via ground carrier.  Expedited replacement pieces will not be accommodated unless at differential cost to the dealer.

The buyer is responsible for all damages that occur after the receipt of this shipment. 

If the shipping is arranged by anyone other than Clark and Son, we are not responsible for filing claims or replacing damages caused by shipping.  The claim must be filed and the cost of replacements recovered from the shipping company who arranged the shipping.

Please contact Clark and Son Inc at 330-866-9330 or [email protected] with any questions.

This policy is subject to change without notice at anytime. 

Last revision 4.18.2012